Use a Recipe

recipe shortcut Dec 10, 2020


A few years back my wife and I completely changed the way we ate. We cut out a lot of things that weren't serving our health and replaced them with healthier options. That meant a ton of our old favorite recipes were no longer options. So what did we do? We went searching for new recipes. It turns out eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad. We didn’t start at zero though, we found other people who were already eating like we wanted and figured out what they were doing and what recipes they liked. Now we have a bunch of great recipes that taste amazing and keep us healthy. 

The #shortcut today is to use a recipe.

Seems obvious right. Unless you’re a culinary expert you really need some ideas on how to get started and how to mix things.

For as obvious as it is with food, when it comes to other areas of our life like fitness, money and relationships, we decide we have it go it alone and we try to create our own recipe.

Until recently, that’s how I approached marketing. I would learn a bunch of stuff from experts and then put little pieces of it into action. That’s like taking a cookie recipe, deciding you’re only going to use salt and butter and wondering why they didn’t turn out.

As a side note, it’s definitely okay to modify a recipe to fit your lifestyle. My wife and I do that all the time with recipes that sound amazing but have a couple of things we don’t eat.

Our new approach to marketing is to use a recipe and stick to it. We’ve recently started “cooking our way” through Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson. Keep an eye out on our social pages for how this process is going and the results we’re seeing.

Your Mini Idea Workout 

Put the following idea to work today and post #usearecipe in the comments


Pick one goal you’ve been working on and seek out a recipe, framework, or formula from a trusted expert you can apply over the next 30 days to see better results. If it seems difficult to apply right now, check out The Modified Version post we did earlier to help you adapt it to your schedule and skill level.


  1. @Work: Follow a recipe to make your job simpler and more effective
    1. Check out Business Made Simple for ideas and free daily videos
  2. @Relationships: Follow a recipe to improve communication
    1. Snag the book Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss (Amazon Affiliate)
  3. @Money: Follow a recipe to master your spending and grow your wealth (oola guys)

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