Dance with Doubt

action mindset Oct 08, 2020


Earl Nightingale said “There are two things that can be said of everyone; each of us wants something and each of us is afraid of something.” So why do we keep acting like we’re terrible for doubting ourselves or being afraid to take the next step? Literally everyone on the planet has those same feelings when facing a new challenge. All it really means is you’re pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. And that is a recipe for success.

For so long I have looked at fear and self-doubt as my enemies. Standing in the way of what I really want. Now I know they are my dance partners in success—the signals I am on the path of growth. They are pointing me in the exact direction I need to go. Instead of avoiding fear and self-doubt, I am learning to dance with them.

So I challenge you today to start looking at self-doubt and fear as a sign you are on the path of progress. Rather than avoiding what you fear, step right into it. Only then can you figure out how you will respond.

Take a moment to consider what doubts or fears are holding you back from your worthy pursuits. Then laugh at them and say “Thanks for showing me the way”.

Now you know what you must do to grow...whatever you’re afraid to do.

Your Mini Idea Workout

Put the following idea to work today then post #dancewithdoubt in the comments here  or on social media.


Think of a goal you have. What doubts/fears immediately come to mind? Write down as many as you can think of. Now you have a list of steps  you can take to meet your goal. That’s the price of your success. Pick one thing from that list that pushes you outside of your comfort zone and take action on it today.

For you to be successful, what you want has to weigh more than what you’re afraid to do. 

Questions to get you started

  1. Who are you afraid to contact about your goal? Contact them.
  2. Have you posted about this on social media? Shoot a live video about it.
  3. What time waster could be replaced for time working on your goal? Act on it today.

Awesome Links

Earl Nightingale's The Strangest Secret I listened to this audio every day for more than a year. It is an amazing morning mind calibration. I'll still go back and listen for 30 days at a time whenever I feel out of sync.

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