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Problem = Opportunity


Do you remember in the Lego Movie theme song Everything is Awesome (sorry in advance for getting that stuck in your head) there was a line that said “...Lost my job. New opportunity!”

The next time you hear the word “problem” replace it with “opportunity”. They are the same thing. The only difference is how you approach them. 

This is something the happiest, most successful people have figured out. When you begin to see this way, you will realize your life is not full of problems, it’s full of opportunity. Opportunity; to grow, to learn, to change, to serve, to guide, to progress, to challenge yourself, to encourage, to be creative, and on and on.

This one mental shift will free you from the anxiety of problems and show you the path forward. 

If you were wondering where all this “opportunity” everyone’s talking about is, now you know. It comes down to this quote from Mr. Jim Rohn “When you change the way you...

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Dance with Doubt

action mindset Oct 08, 2020


Earl Nightingale said “There are two things that can be said of everyone; each of us wants something and each of us is afraid of something.” So why do we keep acting like we’re terrible for doubting ourselves or being afraid to take the next step? Literally everyone on the planet has those same feelings when facing a new challenge. All it really means is you’re pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. And that is a recipe for success.

For so long I have looked at fear and self-doubt as my enemies. Standing in the way of what I really want. Now I know they are my dance partners in success—the signals I am on the path of growth. They are pointing me in the exact direction I need to go. Instead of avoiding fear and self-doubt, I am learning to dance with them.

So I challenge you today to start looking at self-doubt and fear as a sign you are on the path of progress. Rather than avoiding what you fear, step right into it. Only then...

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